Monday, March 13, 2006

sHillary in Trouble, Again, With Her Backers

sHillary Clinton, trying to make a run for the Presidency, continues to alienate her core backers. Her appearence of moving towards the center has upset the anti-War group, the Gays, and now her past ties to Wal-Mart has alienated the socialists.
NEW YORK -- With retail giant Wal-Mart under fire to improve its labor and health care policies, one Democrat with deep ties to the company _ Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton _ has started feeling her share of the political heat.

Clinton served on Wal-Mart's board of directors for six years when her husband was governor of Arkansas. And the Rose Law Firm, where she was a partner, handled many of the Arkansas-based company's legal affairs.

Oh, How Could She Do That?!?! Her socialist backers have a right to be upset with her ties to the EVIL Capitalist Wal-Mart!! I am getting a kick out of watching sHillary scramble to appease her backers, and trying to appear a Centralist, it has been great fun. It is not going to help her, all she is going to do is lose her Looney Left voters, and the Center-Right Voters aren't going to buy into her phony move to the Center, so it a losing plan for sHillary. Too Bad, Not Sad.

Mr Minority

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