Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Democratic Party - The Party of White People Only

The Donks don't want to let on that they are the Racist Party of old. The Donks were the ones that seceeded from the Union because they wanted to keep their slaves. They also were the ones that hindered reconstruction after the war. The Donks were pro segragation, and fought against civil rights in the 60's. And now a Racist Donk in Alabama is running for Attorney General.
A Democrat candidate in Alabama who denies the Holocaust occurred and seeks to "reawaken white racial awareness" is causing problems for state party leaders.

Larry Darby, running for attorney general, believes fewer than 140,000 Jews died in Europe during World War II and contends most of them were afflicted with typhus, the Associated Press reported.

The candidate, head of the Atheist Law Center, says the commonly held number of 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis is a false claim of the "Holocaust industry."

How the Jews and Blacks can support this party of Racists is beyond me. How they can honor a Racist like Sen. Byrd is also beyong me. Normally they keep their racist views hidden, but this joker is upfront, thus an embarrassment. The Donks - Party of the People, White People that is.

Mr Minority

Monday, May 8, 2006

Yeah Right! We are Suppose to Take Your Word, What a Laugh!

The Oh, So Trustworthy Donks say that they don't want to impeach President Bush, just investigate him.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats will launch a series of investigations of the Bush administration if they take control of Congress in November but are not out to impeach President George W. Bush, a top Democrat said on Sunday.

House of Representatives Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Democrats would hold hearings on the use of intelligence in the lead-up to the Iraq war and investigate the high price of energy and prescription drugs if they win the extra 15 seats they need for a House majority in the mid-term elections.

But Pelosi denied Republican claims that her party would move quickly to impeach Bush.

"I said we'd be having hearings on the war, we'd have hearings. But I don't see us going to a place of impeachment," Pelosi said in an interview on NBC's Meet the Press. "Investigation does not equate to impeachment. Investigation is the requirement of Congress. It is about checks and balances."

And we are expected to believe you like we were expect to believe your past "truths" like: "I vote against the bill, before I vote for it", "I did not have sex with that woman", "we are interested in America's Security", then back a Cut'n'Run agenda, "we don't want to raise taxes" and the best one of all "We have Values, too". Nope, I don't believe Pelosi, because she has a "D" next to her name, thus she is a LIAR!

Mr Minorit