Saturday, March 4, 2006

Can the Donks Win Congress Back This Year?

A couple of pollsters think that the Donks can will take back control over Congress this year.
( - Two prominent pollsters -- one a Democrat, the other a Republican -- agreed Thursday that Democrats appear poised this year to win back seats in Congress. GOP pollster Ed Goeas even conceded that "if this environment holds, you have to assume [the election] will tip for the Democrats" and they will win control of the U.S. House.

Republicans have controlled the House since 1995 and currently outnumber Democrats 232 to 202 (there is one independent) But a series of ethical and political missteps have placed the Republicans at a disadvantage eight months before voters go to the polls.

"[Voters] continue to be very dissatisfied with the government and that sets the stage for change," said Democratic political strategist Celinda Lake of Lake Snell Perry Mermin and Associates.

With the Media playing PR machine for the Donks, they do have a good chance of taking control back. But as the election gets closer, the truth of the Donk's views will come out and may surprize voters. Even if people think the Republicans are doing a bad job, the Donks would be worse. Pray for reality of Donk's socialist agenda to make itself known to the voters, that way they will see that they are not to be trusted to lead this country.

Mr Minority

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